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Interview with Brittany From Not Another Blonde - Brittany from Not Another Blonde is such an inspiration, especially if you're serious about getting into the blogging world like I am. She is an experienced influencer that helps other bloggers in the biz find success as they remain true to who they are.  Brittany guides others so that they don't have to struggle as much as she did or ... (Read More)
Thoughts on Turning 29 - On the Eve of my 29th birthday, (I will be 29 in 15 minutes....) I anxiously await the moment I'll say that I'm not two, but one year away from turning thirty. Yes, I still do in fact get that kid- like excitement to stay up until 12 AM the night before my birthday each year. I realize that I ... (Read More)
Family Pictures - I had to share a few of my faves from our photo shoot with Lori from Images By Lori for the twins first birthday. They're just too sweet to keep to myself. Mind you, everyone was sweating and we had to strip down the twins and toss the expensive Janie and Jack out-fits I picked out months ago. Even though ... (Read More)
Dear Gio and Gigi- 14 Months - Dear Gio and Gigi, I feel like time is slipping away so fast now and that cliche about "how they grow up too fast" is really coming true. I often pinch myself that I'm so blessed to have the privilege of watching you grow each day. You inspire me, lift me up, and make me feel so loved. Your love is so ... (Read More)
The ALL-NATURAL Solution to Smooth, Silky Skin and Lips! Perfect for Mama AND safe for baby! -   I'm always on the lookout for great products that are natural and safe to use around my babes, so when I came across B's Bodyluscious Products at a local pop- up shop, I was so EXCITED to try.  After sampling the entire product line, I can say with complete confidence that these products are worth trying and soon after, loving. Warning: ... (Read More)

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