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Struggling Learners…Success Is on the Horizon! - When parents notice their children are struggling with reading, many ask me how to find the right tutor for their child, if their child needs a tutor or if they will just "catch up" later. Parents want some sort of guidance for their struggling students and in order to sculpt their child's path to educational success, they need help a ... (Read More)
Dear Gio and Gigi- 20 months - Dear Gio and Gigi, I am almost at the point of not counting your age in months anymore and calling you "almost 2". Like say what... I ALMOST HAVE 2 YEAR OLDS?!? All I can say is THAT is just cray. Just yesterday I was watching you, Gio literally crush Gigi in my belly on the sonogram screen and eat ... (Read More)
The Left- Out Middle- Schooler that Resides In The Adult- “Me” - You know that awful left- out feeling that gives you the middle- school heebie jeebies all over again? I get it as an adult... I rationalize and say this must be normal. It must be a human experience that even carries through one's life in the adulting world. Right? But the most hurtful thing is when the people you love ... (Read More)
Interview with Brittany From Not Another Blonde - Brittany from Not Another Blonde is such an inspiration, especially if you're serious about getting into the blogging world like I am. She is an experienced influencer that helps other bloggers in the biz find success as they remain true to who they are.  Brittany guides others so that they don't have to struggle as much as she did or ... (Read More)
Thoughts on Turning 29 - On the Eve of my 29th birthday, (I will be 29 in 15 minutes....) I anxiously await the moment I'll say that I'm not two, but one year away from turning thirty. Yes, I still do in fact get that kid- like excitement to stay up until 12 AM the night before my birthday each year. I realize that I ... (Read More)

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