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The ABC Mama encompasses all things a mama might need in their “toolbox” to tackle motherhood while teaching their child along the way. As a former classroom teacher with a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education and Endorsements in Early Childhood Education and Reading (as a Reading Specialist), swim instructor, and private tutor, I though I knew it all when it came to kids. I thought my educational background and experience teaching Kindergarten and First Grade was more than enough training for the beautiful chaos I was about to dive into, head first. But, no…when I became a mother to not one, but TWO little bundles of joy at the SAME TIME, I was in for a major wakeup call! Over the last year of the twins’ first year of life, I’ve learned more about myself and children than I could have ever learned with my degrees or prior experience. My babes have taught me and continue to teach me more than I’ll ever teach them, but I will continue to try…and provide ways for you to create learning experiences for your little ones as well. I will provide tips and tricks so we can tackle mamahood one teachable moment at a time. Since I have that teaching gene I just can’t help myself format this blog like I would a classroom, starting with the alphabet!

A- A+ Learning… Activities, resources and authentic learning experiences that will create a life-long love of learning for your child.

B- Balance… your mind, body, and spirit so you can be 100% there for your family.

C- Create… Find your inner CREATIVE GODESS as we create Cuisine, DIY, and organize!

MAMA… MAMA central! This space is designated to all things mama including daily discoveries in my DIARY and daily fashion inspiration.

About Me

I am a former kindergarten and first grade teacher, reading specialist, swim instructor, tutor, wife, and twin mother. I am married to my High School sweetheart, Troy. We have been together 13 years and counting! We have boy/ girl twins, Giovanni and Giuliana who just turned one years old. I love teaching, learning, and sharing my experiences to help others any opportunity I get. Whether I find the BEST lipstick in the world that makes me feel like a million bucks or a learning tool that truly is conducive to a child’s learning, you will be the first to know!