Cinco De Mayo- Celebrate with the Most Delicious Recipes in Town!

  I can’t be at the beach sipping on a margarita…sob sob…. but I can (and you can too!) bring the flavor and feel of Mexico to me this Cinco De Mayo! I just couldn’t help posting a few throw- back pictures of when I WAS in MEXICO (a girl can dream, right?!) I can just hear the mariachi band, feel the sun on my back and feet in the sand, and taste these delicious Mexican recipes now!

I’m sure a lot of mamas can relate to this; I don’t always have the luxury of going out to dinner, especially on Cinco De Mayo when it’s going to be PACKED everywhere! Furthermore, to be real, it’s just so much work just to go to and sit at a restaurant, that it kind of sucks the fun right out of the margarita I should be pleasantly enjoying. At a certain point I get annoyed with people staring while I’m trying to console my cranky little ones when they’re in major melt down- mode, forks are getting chucked left and right…oh, and the giant mess I’m constantly picking up, that’s real fun! Oh and don’t even get me started on the horse and carriage I come in with…the poor restaurants we go to have no idea what’s coming for them as they say “Oh how cute!” as we make our grand entrance with the horse and pony show we come in with. The high chair covers or strap-on- seats, the suction bowls and baby spoons, the sippy cups and pacifiers, the placemats, the back-up food (in a cooler because they’re obsessed with of course refrigerated items like yogurt and cheese), the obnoxious double stroller, the bribery toys, the sunscreen and sun hats, the stocked diaper bag (and heaven forbid, if I even once forgot the back-up out-fits, with my luck they would be covered in guacamole!) the bibs, and I’m sure I’m missing something if that’s even possible… I agree- it’s a fricken production. Forget eating…and definitely forget drinking when you decide to bring these busy-bees in public…because rest assure, they WILL knock down your drink and attempt to touch your hot plate of enchiladas! We’ve all been there…right?! I just know that staying at home, for my family is sometimes less stressful and makes more sense to just have a few friends over and let the babies run around in their comfort zone while enjoying some good food/ drinks. Put on some festive music and meet me in the kitchen. Below are some of my favorite Mexican dishes, deserts, and margaritas to help you enjoy Cinco De Mayo. I hope you enjoy as much as we did! Gracias Amigos!

Who doesn’t love Chipotle’s Guac? Yes, please! 

I’m OBSESSED with the mini tostadas and tacos below. Anything you can pick up and is fried when entertaining or at a party is key!

Rachel Ray is just the best, isn’t she?! She makes cooking so simple

Corn salad and bean salsa salad recipes- so fresh and hydrating on a hot day like today!

Bring on the enchiladas! I LOVE spicy, green tomatillo sauce!

Sombrero cookies

Margaritas… you know I wasn’t gonna leave this part out, right?! It’s 5:00 somewhere!

MMM I can even taste the salt on my margarita…okay all of this cinco de mayo talk is SERIOUSLY making me want to go to Mexico now. At least this taste of Mexican deliciousness is the next best thing! Delicious, mi amigos!!

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