Dear Gio and Gigi- 14 Months

Dear Gio and Gigi,

I feel like time is slipping away so fast now and that cliche about “how they grow up too fast” is really coming true. I often pinch myself that I’m so blessed to have the privilege of watching you grow each day. You inspire me, lift me up, and make me feel so loved. Your love is so pure and authentic .. its so real and in the RIGHT NOW rather than what was or is going to happen next. You’ve taught me to slow down and take in every moment… every giggle, every smile, every moment  of pure joy that must be shared. You have helped me let go of my to do lists a little bit and focus on the right now lists, which is one of the greatest lessons you’ll ever teach me.

I love the way you both light up any room you’re in and that I can feel the love you have for one another from a mile away. You are connected at the hip and I pray you keep that unconditional love for one another always. When you sleep I can’t help but stare at your angelic beauty (I know, obsessive, right?) When you’re awake… you two are BUSY and CURIOUS as can be! No more are the days of sitting in one place, especially the stroller or the car seat contently. You both have so much energy and you want to explore and discover the world around you and can’t waste a minute! I love you more than I did yesterday or the day before that, and I know my love will only continue to grow. How can it not? Look at these angels sleeping peacefully. To the world you may be one person, but to me you are the WORLD!! I love you FOREVER!

Love, Mama 

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