How to Get A Sleek and Smooth Directional Blow-dry

Below you will find the steps I did in the youtube video above:

First make sure your hair is not soaking wet, towel dry it first.

Part how it usually parts, take deep conditioner and spray it through out hair from root to ends. Take super skinny serum by Paul Mitchel and do 2-3 pumps of the serum. If you have longer, thicker hair use more as needed. The serum smooths and conditions the hair prior to blow drying. I also sometimes use this through out the day when I’m trying to smooth frizz and control fly- aways. Then make sure blow- dry isn’t on highest setting, and it’s on medium power in order to keep control of the hair. It is called a directional blow- dry because you are moving your hair from one side to the other in different directions. So I’ll blow- dry my hair 50 % dry in one direction and then 50 % dry the other way. You’ll take your paddle brush and get blow dryer and turn up to the desired heat. You brush and dry as you’re brushing it to one side, following the crown of the head. You are wrapping the hair around to the other side of your head because it prevents cowlicks from forming and forces them to flatten, creating a smooth look to the hair. Once your hair feels 50 % dry, switch directions and wrap to the other side of the head. Once hair is fully dried, you can spray it with a little “Hot off the Press by Paul Mitchell” to lock in the sleek look while preventing heat damage if you’re going to flat iron after. This is a different kind of hairspray that you can brush through and stays in your hair while preventing crunchy, sticky feeling other hairsprays give.

I love this hairstyle because it’s basic and the next day you can curl it or wear it in another cute way, since you haven’t messed with it so much the first day. All of the products I used don’t weigh your hair down at all (they just condition/prevent damage and prevent frizz) so it’s the perfect “first day of washing” hair look. I hope you enjoy these tips and tricks and seriously, do yourself a favor and go buy the following products for this look (you won’t regret it!) :
*Deep Conditioner unite 7 seconds condition Leave-In detangler
*Smoothing Super Skinny Serum by Paul Mitchell
*Hot off the press by Paul Mitchell

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