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Brittany from Not Another Blonde is such an inspiration, especially if you’re serious about getting into the blogging world like I am. She is an experienced influencer that helps other bloggers in the biz find success as they remain true to who they are.  Brittany guides others so that they don’t have to struggle as much as she did or waste any time doing the wrong things. I find her blog so motivating and stimulating that I can’t help but being a “regular’ on NAB!

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Q: What was your background before blogging? How did you get into blogging?

Like every other blogger, I’ve always been in love with fashion and one day after stumbling upon SomethingNavy in 2011ish I started my own blog because I wanted “a creative outlet to express myself”. How many times have you heard that quote? So lame but it’s, unfortunately, the case for me too. I saw Arielle’s Jeffrey Campbell Litas and I was like “I have Litas, I can do this!” 
I’ve had 3 blogs since then, all which have been amazing learning experiences but Not Another Blonde is my baby that encompasses everything I stand for and have learned throughout the years. 
I made SO many mistakes, like an embarrassing amount of mistakes, and wasted so much time doing the wrong things that I really wanted to help other bloggers avoid doing the same which is why NAB is so special in my opinion. Plus I have a background in teaching so I really am combining all my skills and passions now, which I think is the goal of any blogger.   
Q: How and why did you choose to change the direction of your brand?
I don’t think I changed the direction of NAB, per say as much as I just came into my own. I think Not Another Blonde grew as I grew and it will continue to grow and expand as I do.
But I will say when I first started blogging I reached out to everyone I could and learned as much as I could about the business and one editor at Who What Wear flat out told me that my fashion writing wasn’t that great. At first, I was offended but then she said that my writing about blogging was really interesting to her so I did more of that.
Like I said, my background is in teaching and I’ve always resisted it but now I finally realize that I just needed to have it take a different form which is what it does now. I don’t teach kids math, I teach women about style, blogging, and business.
Q: What are some of the challenges you’ve faced as a new blogger and continue to face continually as an experienced blogger?
When I was a beginner blogger I didn’t know what I was doing or how to do things better because I literally didn’t know what I was doing wrong or what I was doing right… I had NO help whatsoever. But that turned out to be the greatest gift because now I help bloggers the way I wished bloggers helped me when I first started.
Even though I’m more experienced now, the challenges are still the same: trying to keep up with other bloggers on social media, comparing myself, having FOMO, getting caught up in the numbers game, etc. One thing that really kills me is when it’s SO obvious someone buys followers yet brands are working with them over bloggers who grew their following organically. But brands are catching on and really, there is no fast track to success. Cheaters never win.
Patience is key. And it’s important for all bloggers to remember that.
Q: Do you think it’s important for bloggers to have a specific niche that makes them unique? What do you think sets you apart?
I 100% think a niche is super important today. There are so many bloggers out there trying to be everything to everyone when they should be focussing on being one thing to one audience.
Personally, I go to different people for different things. If I’m looking for the best food in NYC, I’ll go to the best NYC food blogger not some random food blogger in Kansas. Think about it, SomethingNavy is street style, high-luxe fashion, The Skinny Confidential is natural health and beauty, Tuula Vintage is bohemian travel. There isn’t one blogger who encompasses everything, which is how it should be.
What sets someone apart now is their niche and their voice/how they connect with their audience. Not many bloggers are as open or candid about their “blogging secrets” as I am so that’s what I think I bring to the table. I try to be very transparent with my readers because I really want them to succeed, their success is my success.
Q:When people typically think of fashion bloggers, I don’t think they realize there are people out there like you who genuinely want to help others succeed in this “business”. What made you want to guide others in the right direction?  
Part of the reason I loved teaching was because of how rewarding it was so like I said before, your success is my success which is extremely rewarding for me. There’s nothing better than giving back… you can’t get that feeling doing anything else.
I also strongly believe you can make anything happen for yourself and I’m living proof of that so if I can do it, anyone can do it… literally.
Q: I think that comparison is the thief of joy. As a new blogger, it can be hard to avoid comparison and not get discouraged when there is SO MUCH COMPETITION out there. How do you do that?
I touched on this above, but I have to remind myself that everything we see isn’t real. No one documents the fights, the financial struggle, the sweat, the tears, etc. They only show you what they want to show so when I think about that I just block it out.
I remember one time Shea of Peace Love Shea Snapchatted herself crying and she said something like “I feel like some people just take advantage of me and it hurts” and I LOVED her for that. She got so raw and showed a totally different side of her and it was really refreshing to see that even pro bloggers go through tough times.
Yes, there is a lot of competition but I think there’s enough to go around for everyone, you just have to be willing to work for it.

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Q: One thing I’ve noticed about you is how constantly engaged you are with your readers. Do you work 24/7 or have you found a work- life balance?
That’s so sweet! But it’s true, I love you guys! My readers are my everything, without them I wouldn’t be here so engaging with them is the least I can do. 
I am working 24/7 around the clock. I work on my business when I’m commuting, when I’m on vacation, even when I’m out to dinner and the conversation gets quiet I’ll do some work. Blogging is no joke. 
I don’t think there’s such a thing as work-life balance, I think it’s about counterbalancing and whatever area of your life needs attention in that moment, give it attention. 
For example, I took off this past weekend for a bridal shower and so now my blog needs a lot of attention but at the time the bride-to-be needed my attention so I chose that instead, if that makes sense. And now this weekend I’ll lock myself in my office and work… that’s counterbalance.   
Q: What is your number one tip to staying relevant and connecting with your readers as frequent as you do?
Just do it! It’s pretty time consuming which is why I think a lot of bloggers don’t engage as often but it’s so worth it. I mean, bloggers literally wouldn’t have a career without their readers so it makes no sense to me why someone wouldn’t just carve out that time to engage. My tip is to stop being lazy and just do it.
Q: Being your own boss is awesome but it can be tough to stay motivated and inspired. Do you have any tips on staying motivated? 
This is going to sound harsh but if you can’t motivate yourself, no one else will be able to either. No one is going to hold your hand and congratulate you every time you write a blog post or make an accomplishment. That’s all on you and if being successful isn’t enough motivation then… I don’t know what to tell you.
Picture a life for yourself that is way bigger than you could imagine and don’t stop until you get it. Let that be your motivation.
What blogs inspire you to be better than you were before?

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