Review for Best Books for 1 year Olds

I can’t even tell you how obsessed I am with the BookRoo box I received in the mail this month! The board books I received are not only adorable, but they are high quality literature that are developmentally appropriate for my 1 year old twins! I have had so much FUN engaging and learning from these books with Gio and Gigi this month!

Bookroo boxes are a monthly subscription book box containing 3 engaging, age appropriate books each month that are individually wrapped and delivered right to your doorstep. When you order, you may either choose a monthly or pre- ordered subscription for 3, 6, or 12 months or you may choose to gift it to family member or friends. The following monthly subscriptions are offered either month to month or pre- ordered. :

Monthly $17.99/mo + s/h*
3 Months $16.66/mo + s/h*Save $4!
6 Months $16.33/mo + s/h*Save $10!
12 Months $15.99/mo + s/h*

What I love about these book boxes are number one, that they’re wrapped and in a box…how cute is that? It was so fun to unwrap the books like it was Christmas with the babies! This also represents that books really are the best gifts that we should get them so excited about! I also appreciate that they’re top notch literature that were developmentally appropriate for my children. What I mean by that, is the illustrations were engaging and colorful, the words were short yet meaningful (for this age, the less words the better) and best of all, my babes loved them! They have continued to pull the little tabs on the books day after day and never seem to get sick of them. Literally, every time I stop reading, they scream for more and look at the books continuously through out the course of the day. This is so important, because as a reading specialist, we know that children’s exposure to text (especially high quality text) repeatedly builds prior knowledge. Prior knowledge through real- life experiences and those read about in books for young children is so vital to build upon because they continue to connect the dots through more and more experiences. In essence, your children can NEVER read a book too many times. And when they start repeating the book (out of memorization- not by actually reading it), fear not, because those ARE the building blocks of LITERACY! We all start from somewhere, and you guessed it, to attain literacy (defined as the ability to read and write) you must FIRST master the building blocks of literacy. So, if we read books to them repeatedly, they will begin to memorize the words they’ve heard you read to them and begin to recite the books themselves as well as and “read the pictures”.

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*This post does contain affiliate links and a BookRoo box was gifted to me, however all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.*

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