Review for Best Nursing Cover for twins

The Covered Goods four-in-one nursing cover is EXACTLY what I’ve been searching for the last 13 and a half months… well ALL THAT and MUCH, much MORE! Yes, I said FOUR-IN-ONE cover…how cool is that mama’s?!? You know I’m all about the twofers as a twin mom, and a fourfer… can I get an AMEN?! Score!

Let me first start out with my enthusiasm over the TWIN nursing cover part… this is by far my favorite feature of this multi-use product that really would have been a life saver for me through out my entire breast-feeding journey. This nursing cover could have saved me SO MUCH aggravation, stress, and anxiety about nursing in public… especially when I was tandem nursing (which I was the majority of the time). I honestly probably would have ventured out a lot more as a nursing twin mom if I had this product sooner. At the beginning, I literally sewed two nursing covers together out of desperation so that I could tandem breast feed my twins in public. Since the homemade nursing cover awkwardly stitched together was loose and hard to get on and maneuver, eventually I just gave up and lost every ounce of pride I had and the whole world basically saw my boobs at one point or another! This left me glued to the house the majority of the time because I didn’t want to deal with the whole gawking herds of people thing. If you’ve breastfed before, and especially if you’ve tandem breastfed like me, you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about…. the staring,  the annoying commentary and questions, how could you forget? Believe me, I’ve been to Nordstrom MOTHER’S ROOM far too many times as people stared at me like I was a circus act (as I was exposed and trying not to distract the TWO babies I was holding). Not only did I get the pleasure of the uncomfortable staring, but received loads of irritating comments and questions for the memory bank. One of my personal favorites, as they glared at me like I was a circus act was, “Bless your heart, honey. Glad it’s you and not me!” I swear if I heard that deceptive phrase one more time, I swear I was going to…well, I digress… moving right along! Nursing for me was draining enough (literally!), so I didn’t need an audience and prepared explanation every time I feed my kids! Privacy is more my style and this cover really, truly makes that SO MUCH more realistic! Also, the fabric this cover is made with is MUCH softer so the babies just kind of snuggled right in it.

Twin shopping cart covers are pretty challenging to find and this is the first one I’ve come across yet! The twins and I equally loved it and it made our shopping experience SO MUCH more efficient and easier!!

This cover worn as a scarf is super cute and you would never even know it was a nursing cover! How versatile and compact is that?! One less thing I have to pack in the diaper bag… yes, please!

I really wish I would have had these covers to use as car seat covers earlier on! The canopy cover ones I used always blew up whenever the wind would blow, which would usually wake the babes up. Also, they would always get stuck inside out (if you have a canopy car seat cover you know what I mean) which was super annoying.

I really hope you give covered goods four-in-one nursing cover a try, especially if you’re a new mom like I was. I know that personally it would have saved me so much headache if I would have know about this product sooner. My kids are 13 and half months and I still use this cover daily so you will get your moneys worth by using it for a long time.  Click below to be directed to purchase and I guarantee you won’t regret it:

*The Covered Goods nursing cover was gifted to me with affiliate links however all thoughts and opinions are honest, and my own.*

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