Review for Best Products for Twins- Bonus Surprise Giveaway!

Hi Friends! P.S… before I get into it, scroll down for a surprise GIVEAWAY from one of my FAVORITE companies (and soon will be one of your fave companies too) as a twin mama.

SO….over the last year, I feel like I’ve become an expert on all things an expecting twin mama might need (and I don’t say want, this is a FOR REALS NEED)! Having twins is a whole different ball game and it’s best to be prepared for combat right from the start 🙂 Even though twins are usually early, when that moment hits when you hear the words EMERGENCY C- SECTION, you can never be prepared enough. When I was in my “pregnancy bliss” without a care in the world… or denial… whatever you wanna call it, I didn’t even think of all of the necessary equipment that was essential to survival as a twin mama! Being a new mom, having (usually) preemies as twins, and caring for TWO BABIES AT THE SAME TIME is a whirlwind! Before jumping into motherhood double time, I highly recommend preparing yourself with the necessary items below! These items saved my life and HONESTLY without them, I would have been in for some serious dog doo- doo! So for all my fellow twin mamas or future twin mamas, this one’s for you!

What To Do When You’re Having Two By Natalie Diaz
Oh. My. Gosh…This book was my bible for the first year. Highly recommend purchasing a copy and keeping it by your bedside for easy reference for the first year!

Joovy Twin Roo Car Seat Stroller
I snapped my babies in car seats on the go religiously in this stroller…sure, it wasn’t the fanciest but it was good enough for frequent (necessary) outings to the chiropractor and tar-jay when we NEEDED to get out in public, near ADULTS the first year!

Tula (with infant inserts)
This is the most comfortable baby carrier ever, especially for when you start tandem baby- wearing them (which you can’t do until the baby on your back is fully sitting up without support, around 5 months or older)! I tried other carriers, and all failed in comparison!“>Covered Goods Nursing Cover I am SO OBSESSED with the Covered Goods Nursing Cover (which I’ve already RAVED about in detail) that I partnered with Covered Goods to gift one lucky mama with one of their very own! Scroll down for the detes below!

Twin Z Nursing Pillow
This nursing pillow saved my life. I like both this one and the one below for different reasons. I like this one when the babes were itty bitty and the Breast Friend (double) was my pick as the babies could support their heads when they were older. In my opinion, both served their purpose and were money well spent.

Double My Breast Friend Nursing Pillow

Double Rocker
I LOVED and still do love this double rocker for feedings the twins tandem, but I also love it for reading stories (literally all 4 of us can sit in it comfortably 🙂 )

Pack n’ Play with Twin Bassinets
This Pack n’ Play is perfect for twinkies because it doesn’t take up a ton of room when they’re little and still sleeping in your room, like two different pack n’ plays or two rock n’ plays or bassinets would.

Rock n’ Play…. in.ever-ey.  room! For reals..these saved my life! I had two in EVERY… SINGLE… ROOM! I was borderline obsessed with these handy dandy magical wonders…but that’s neither here nor’ there… but just buy one…I mean two…at least ASAP!! 🙂

Fisher- Price Sit- Me- Ups I loved these as opposed to the Bumbo seats because they learned to sit up and were great when they started solids as they got older.

If there are any twin mamas or future twin mamas out there that have questions (believe me I had a million and five), please don’t hesitate to ask me anything and everything! Being a twin mom is the most precious gift and so insanely overwhelming at the beginning.


So here’s the deal with the my FAVORITE multi- use covers generous giveaway (and P.S.. gift from God for twin mothers)… I’m so excited to announce that I’ve teamed up with them again… but this time to give a lucky winner a shop credit of $34.99 so you TOO can HAVE the BEST multi-use cover on the market! Here’s all you have to do to enter:
1. Like the photo posted on my Instagram Bio
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3. Tag a friend in the comments (one tag per comment and you can tag as many as you’d like to count as extra entries)
4. Winner will be announced within 48 hours on Saturday, June 3rd. Good luck!

*The Covered Goods multi- use cover was gifted to me, although all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.

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  1. I need to go shopping! Thank you for all the tips… added many things on my list after reading this:) Thank you!

    1. Post

      Haha that’s what amazon is for… oh and if there is a Facebook swap site or twin group in your area, make sure to join. Other twin moms especially are always willing to sell at a really affordable price or give their barely used items. I’m so excited for you… I miss the newborn stage– they’re so angelic and precious!!

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