Work out without ever leaving the kids behind! This is a perfect way to get in shape for summer while you and your babes enjoy the great weather at the same time!

Do each exercise about 25 times on each side…or add in some educational learning and sing the ABC’s/ nursery rhymes or count for each exercise with your babes! Prior to or post- workout,  do a brisk walk or jog to the park 10-20 minutes for cardio portion of the workout.

Steps in the video:

1. Squat down with back flat and butt back, hip- width apart, weight in heals, move stroller out as you squat down and pull back as you stand up.

2. Walking Lunges (squeeze glutes).

3. Extensions (kick backs) with walking lunges.

4. Walking Extensions (kick- backs).

5. Still extensions and pulse at the top.

6. Side Extensions as you push stroller to the side.

7. Side Extensions as you push stroller to the side with squatting.

8. Put stroller brake on, hold feet around front wheel, and play peek-a-boo as you crunch up to the middle, across crunch left then right, then pulse at the top.

9. My kids were getting grumpy, but I would normally end with a quad, calf, and glute stretch, by holding onto the bars of the stroller while stretching.

Please let me know if you have any questions or requests! Stroller Exercises!

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