Struggling Learners…Success Is on the Horizon!

When parents notice their children are struggling with reading, many ask me how to find the right tutor for their child, if their child needs a tutor or if they will just “catch up” later. Parents want some sort of guidance for their struggling students and in order to sculpt their child’s path to educational success, they need help a long the way. Finding a tutor that will create a life long love of learning and long-term achievement for your child is not an easy task by any means. 

As parents, I think we can all agree that we want to create an even greater sense of success from an early age in our children than we were given. We want the best for our children. Well folks, here’s the good news… fortunately for us, using a tutor that practices using the The Barton Reading & Spelling System has made our jobs as parents that much easier. A program that is sculpted specifically for struggling readers, writers, and spellers with fidelity, proven success, and research-based results DOES exist. It is called the Barton Reading & Spelling System and many tutors such as myself tutor all around the country. Many parents purchase the program to use with their own children (saints! haha) and many tutors such as myself tutor remotely, giving students around the globe and busy families access to the program from their computer screen.

If your child is struggling academically, especially with a learning disability, difficulty or delay, there is a solution and a proven path to success. If your child (or you) is struggling with reading, writing, spelling, math or all of the above it’s ok! There is a solution to the “problem” which as you will learn, will become one of your child’s greatest assets in their lives. If we didn’t ever struggle, how would we ever learn persistence, resilience or self-discipline? Food for thought….that being said, I don’t think one should struggle for long and that feeling successful in school creates confidence and an intrinsic desire to want to learn more. 

Happy learning and please reach out if you ever questions, concerns or questions! 

Love and Light, 

Brittany Bode, MEd

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