The Best Earrings For Your Infant- Safety Screwbacks All The Way!!

Happy Memorial Day, lovelies! I hope you all are going to have an amazing, safe day today! We’ll be on our friend’s boat, which I’m SO excited for after the up and down weather we’ve been having! But if you are going to hit the mall for some last minute sales today, I wanted to make sure I posted this before the sale runs out, because I found an awesome Memorial Day Sale this weekend. Even if you aren’t shopping this weekend and will be or are looking for earrings for your child/ infant, make sure you read below…here’s what I wish I would have known before piercing Gigi’s ears and buying earrings:

So I’ve had a really tough time finding earrings for my babe. Giuliana is 13 months old and she came out of the womb loving jewelry while simultaneously being a super hyperactive wiggle worm. Since she was a little itty bitty, she would stare at my jewelry, play with it, and it was officially confirmed that she was in fact my daughter. Gigi and I are going to have a lot of fun shopping together and sharing each others jewelry, but for now she needs earrings that aren’t going to hurt her. .

If you’ve ever been around Giuliana, you know that she’s the world’s wiggliest wiggle worm. She plays with her earrings, plays even HARDER with her brother, and the ONLY time she’s ever been observed sitting still is when she’s asleep…and even then, she’s always on her stomach or side all tangled up in her blanket with her hands next to her ears. Finding Gigi- proof earrings was challenging to say the least, because I didn’t want her to rip them out. She’s gone through (nice way of putting tore out) two different pairs of traditional infant earrings. I was going to call it quits after Gigi’s most recent “self earring removal,” (but then I found infant earrings with a safety back/ screw back which I’ll tell you about in just a sec). Since I needed to take the other earring (that she hadnt removed herself) out so I could put a new pair in, it turned into World War 3. Unfortunately, the single earring was completely twisted from her playing with them. It literally took many failed earring removal attempts from me, my mom, and my friend. Finally, we called in the big guns and my strong husband’s muscles did the trick. But it was so sad…the earring that we had to remove was so twisted from her playing and twisting the back of the earring that it was kind of traumatic for the poor baby. Needless to say, she got to spend extra time snuggling on the couch with mama and had a much later bed time than her brother that night in order to calm down :(. But to be completely honest, the extra snuggle session was mainly for me to calm down because I kind of felt like the world’s worst mother that night.

By far, the WAY TO GO is to get  infant earrings with a safety back. I wanted to share this with y’all before the sale ends… because I looked fricken EVERYWHERE for earrings with a screw on back for infants and I finally found them! It’s so perfect to get quality earrings now if you’re thinking about it because there are tons of Memorial Day Sales right now. So if you’re in town like me this weekend (I know…sniff sniff) and need earrings for your little, it’s a great time to buy quality earrings at an affordable price. I went to the fine jewelry department at Macy’s and got 14 carrot gold infant earrings with the SCREWBACK, safety back. They were originally $150, but with the huge sale they were only $45!! SWEET!! I couldn’t find the screw back, safety back anywhere else, but maybe you will- just whatever you do, make sure you go for the safety back. This locks the baby earring into place so it doesn’t fall off and it won’t scratch the back of your child’s ear or neck. I felt super guilty I didn’t start with the screw back from the beginning, but when they pierced her ears they didn’t do a safety back…and I’m a new mom so how the heck could would I know? When you know better, you do better and now I know where to find it and what kind to look for!

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